Prosthetic services we provide:

Pre-Prosthetic Care

  • Removable Rigid Dressing
  • Shrinkers

Upper Extremity

  • Prostheses for all level of Amputation
  • Functional and Passive Systems
  • Myoelectric Systems (Otto Bock, Utah Arm)
  • Cosmetic Gloves
  • Cosmetic Hand Restoration

Lower Extremity

  • Preparatory and Definitive for all levels of Amputation, designed to match functional needs and goals of each patient
  • C-leg System
  • Lightweight Carbon and Titanium
  • Hydraulic Knee Controls
  • Silicone Suction Suspension
  • Multi-axial and dynamic responsive feet
  • Endoskeletal and Exoskeletal System
A Patient with a prosthetic arm A Patient walking in the gait room with a prosthetic leg

Practitioner very helpful giving information about my condition - every detail to help me understand what's going on with me and how to better help myself.   -Julene

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